Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tarheel shame


I've said many times that Marion Jones was a liar and a cheater. She's probably the only athlete I'd ever accuse to her face, without a positive drug test. And Marion was a fellow Tarheel, it's not like I wanted to see her go down in flames. It was simply that obvious to me that she cheated, and I think people who cheat at sports are the worst kind of pathetic attention whores.

Come on, Marion, your husband was busted for doping and your boyfriend was busted in a check-counterfeiting scheme. Your choice of companions gave it all away. You repeatedly allied yourself with liars like Tim Montgomery and cheats like CJ Hunter. You knew all along what they were doing. The inescapable fact was, you don't find lying and cheating distasteful. If it had been up to me, I'd have kicked you out of the sport for life, for that alone. If I had been wrong about your steroid use, I wouldn't care if I'd hurt your feelings because I knew you had no honor.

At least you finally confessed. I just hope you'll have the decency to give back all the medals and records you never deserved in the first place. And then you can begin to apologize, firstly to the honest athletes whose rightful place you stole. And then to all the kids who wanted to be like you.

And then I hope you'll have the decency to disappear from public view. You've gotten way more attention than you deserve. I'm pretty sure I speak for all Tarheeldom when I say, "don't wear Tarheel gear anymore".