Friday, April 20, 2007

I don't know what it is, but let's ban it.

So the democrats have managed for 7 years to keep their damn mouths shut about one of the issues that make them look stupid. Until this week's Virginia Tech shooting.

I don't even want to debate right now whether gun control is good or bad (although I state for the record I'm against it).

What I want to get across is how many Democrats talk straight out of their ass about guns. Most of them don't even know what it is they're trying to ban. Ignorance seems to be their key to the moral high ground. "I don't know anything about guns, because anyone who does is a nut, and part of the problem." That's their unspoken belief.

This congresswoman is sponsoring a bill that would ban barrel shrouds, and she gets called out not knowing what they are. They do make your gun look scarier, but all they actually do is keep you from burning your fingers on the hot barrel. So this is all we have left in our "war on drugs"? We're making it so there's a chance the dealers will burn their fingers after they've shot a bunch of people. That'll show 'em.

As she's backpedaling, she says that they're banning the types of guns criminals choose. I've got an idea, let's instead ban the breakfast cereal criminals choose. That'll stop em right in their tracks. When they go to the store and have to buy Count Chocula instead of Cocoa Krispies, they'll just give up their life of crime, go back to school and become an investment banker. They'd never just eat Count Chocula, or buy an illegal box of Cocoa Krispies. That'd be too much for them.

And screw you, lady, for making me cheer for Tucker Carlson. I hate that guy.